Saturday, February 21, 2009

HASH biotech labs is official working partner of the UN

A company based in Chandigarh, Hash Biotech Labs Private Ltd has become the “Official Working Partner” and “Technology Facilitator” of the United Nations in the organization’s mission of eradicating unemployment, poverty, malnutrition and hunger as part of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. This feat is a rare honor for the city of Chandigarh as much as it is for the company.

February 17 2009 will remain etched in the memory of the company, as this was the day when the company was honored with a Certificate of recognition bearing the title of “The official Working Partner and Technological Facilitator”. This certificate was presented to His Excellency Ambassador Remigio Martin Maradona of the United Nations Economic and Social Council by the Director General, IIMSAM, Head of Observer Delegation. This honor was well deserved and was got after a thorough inspection of the facilities and research capabilities of Hash Biotech Labs Pvt. Ltd. by none other than H.E. Ambassador Manish Uprety, special envoy to south asia of the “Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition” (IIMSAM) in the first half of this month.

Further, Mr. Vikrant Sandal, Chairman, Hash Group of Companies received a letter from H.E. Ambassador Maradona praising him for bringing the uses of spirulina to the forefront and also wishing him in his efforts to stamp out malnutrition, achieve food sufficiency and narrow the health divide between the developed, developing and the under developed countries.

The IIMSAM has 14 official working partners, which includes the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation among others, but Hash Biotech is the only corporate body to have been granted this special status. So Hash Biotech is the only company which has the double status of the ‘Official Working Partner’ and ‘Technology Facilitator’.

IISAM and Hash Biotech will now partner together to implement the Rome declaration on world food security 1996. According to the Rome declaration, every individual has the right to access safe and nutritious food, adequate food and it is a fundamental right of every individual to be free from hunger. The declaration is committed to using its political will to bring together nations to decimating hunger and achieving food security in all the countries. The declaration targets to bring down the numbers of undernourished people to half their present level by the year 2015.

IIMSAM is a highly commended international institution that advocates the use of spirulina to counter malnutrition and has an international panel of experts who provide scientific, technological and operational assistance combined with sound engineering counsel. The ‘United Nations Economic and Social Council’ recognizes IIMSAM as a ‘Permanent Observer Mission’ and is one of the 16 intergovernmental organizations working within the ambit of the United Nations.

Hash Biotech Labs Private Limited, part of the Hash Group of Companies having interests in many fields is a leader in the field of Nano Bio-technology research. Under the fine entrepreneurship of Mr Vikrant Sandal ,Hash Biotech has revealed to the world its competence and potential in this field with the launch of its pilot project recently, which is a mass outdoor cultivation algal farm built from a single algal cell strain!

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